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Providing Helpful Restaurant Supply Chain Management Services

Restaurant Purchasing Solutions is your go-to source for restaurant supply chain management services. We'll assist you in the establishment of a solid and profitable restaurant business plan. Count on us for all of your supply and distribution management needs.

Restaurant Purchasing Solutions Lets You Take Control

Our system is proactive and eliminates the common mistakes that cost chain operators money. Your order guide is audited and all price changes verified before your units receive their new price list. Market prices are limited only to those products that must be bought weekly due to shelf life issues, such as fresh poultry, shell eggs, and fresh produce. The more a product costs, the more revenue is realized after the markup is applied. Distributors have no financial incentive to lower your costs!

RPS Delivers Purchasing Savings

Informed buying decisions create substantial savings. When costs change at the beginning of a new month, we direct the distributor to reduce inventory prior to that time, and arrange for delivery of the lower cost product the first few days of the new month. This action enables us to lower prices an average of 20 days before a non RPS controlled program.

Restaurant Purchasing Solutions Lets You Take Control

RPS - Your Purchasing Advocate

Insures that your manufacturer contracts are always in effect and honored. The system reviews all distributor pricing before it takes effect. Tracks all price and product adjustments monthly, giving you an annual accounting of the changes.
RPS is your purchasing department. We direct the distributor when and where to buy your products. RPS makes sure distributor mistakes are not passed along.

We will forward buy to hedge markets and take advantage of increasing contracted and formula driven product.


Cost Verification - A Very Powerful Tool

When the RPS is implemented, the impact is immediate and meaningful. When we take over management of an existing distribution program, there are measurable savings from the very first month. Our ability to verify contracts, freight rates, and formula priced products results in consistent savings all year long.

Tracking Commodity Markets and Supplier Contracts

RPS reviews commodity markets weekly for formula priced products, and checks new contracts for forward buying opportunities. We direct the distributor to order up to a 90-day supply of some products, so our clients reap the benefits of the lower cost for a longer time.